Athletics Eligibilty

NOTE: The follow are a set of general rules to help you determine if you MIGHT be eligible to play sports at TBC.  Meeting or failing to meet the requirements laid out here in no way guarantees your eligibility or ineligibility to play sports at TBC.  This is simply meant as a tool to help you. 

Freshman Requirements

Freshman must meet a minimum 2 out of 3 requirements to be eligible for sports

  1. High-school GPA of 2.0
  2. Finished in the top 50% of your class
  3. Achieved one of the following scores on the ACT or SAT
    • ACT: 18
    • SAT: 860 on Critical Reading and Mathematics

Transfer Requirements

Transfer eligibility is a little more complicated. All of the following requirements must be met.

  1. If you did not play sports at your previous college see the Freshman requirements
  2. 12-24 credit rule
    • How many credits did you attempt in your last full-time semester?
      * full-time is any semester in which you attempt 12 or more credits
    • You must have earned 12 credits minimum in your last full-time semester / 24 in your last two full-time semesters
  3. Count your total number of accumulated credits
    • If you earned credits equal to or greater than 48 (Junior Level) you must meet the minimum 2.0 Cumulative GPA


For help please contact:

Athletic Director,
Dustin Morgan (701.349.5402)
Assistant Athletic Director,
Jordan Nowell (701.349.5766)