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Entrance Requirements 

1. Applicants for the Master of Arts programs with Trinity Bible College should demonstrate faith in Christ characterized by sound moral character and biblical convictions.

2. Applicants should have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a GPA of 2.7 or above.

Applicants whose GPA is below 2.7 will be interviewed by a member of the admissions committee.  If in the opinion of the committee the applicant needs to show further evidence of suitability for the program, additional submissions will be required.   These could include submission of samples of academic writing such as a discussion paper, policy document, training manual, or a Bible study guide.  Alternatively the applicant may be required to complete designated bridging work such as topical papers or book reviews requiring critical analysis.'

3. Applicants meeting Trinity Bible College’s admissions requirements are considered without regard to race, gender, or disability.

4. If an applicant’s undergraduate studies do not include at least fourteen credits of Bible or Theology, he or she will compile a portfolio for evaluation by the admissions committee.

  • The portfolio requirements will be issued by the Administrator of the Graduate School and will include the following:

  • Annotated bibliography of recent reading pertinent to Bible and theology.

  • Record of participation in non-accredited Bible and theology courses with supporting evidence; e.g. certificates, course notes, letters of participation.

  • Record of teaching the Bible; e.g. sermons, Bible studies, Sunday school lessons.

  • Two-page paper in MLA format from a list of Biblical and theological topics.

  • The admissions committee will evaluate the portfolio and make one of the following recommendations;

  • Waive all or part of the twelve-credit requirement.

  • Require the student to take undergraduate credits for non-degree purposes.

  • Require approved graduate credits as free electives.


Dual Enrollment 

Applicants with a minimum of 60 college credits and extensive experience may apply for dual enrollment in which they complete a BA degree while starting the MA program. Students may begin taking graduate courses concurrently within the final 30 credits of the BA degree.

A personal study plan will be compiled by the Administrator of the Graduate School and Enrollment Counselor in line with the existing enrollment procedures at Trinity Bible College.

-A minimum of 30 credits must be completed with Trinity, either on campus or by Distance Education.

-Up to 95 credits may be transferred towards a BA at Trinity.

-A maximum of 30 credits can be earned as credit for prior learning. 

Credit for Prior Learning is intended for those students who can equate prior life experience to college level learning and academic work.  Application does not guarantee that credit will be awarded; only that it will be evaluated and considered for credit.  Trinity Bible College cannot guarantee the transferability of this credit to other institutions or agencies.  Evaluation for credit of prior learning will be based on a portfolio compiled by the student.  The personal study plan will specify the scope of supporting documentation required in the portfolio:

-Annotated bibliography of all reading pertinent to subject area in which credit is being sought.

-Synthesis paper in MLA format including time frames of experience in field, scope of work, personal reflections of strengths in field, personal reflections of weakness in field and strategies for improvement.

-Letters of reference by approved individuals who can qualify and quantify the applicants work, depth of knowledge, and critical understanding of the field.

-Completed portfolios will be presented by the Registrar of External Studies to the relevant academic departments for review.

-A fee will be charged for the application of credits for prior learning.


Transfer Credits

Transfer of credit is based on the analysis of OfficialTranscripts from other accredited graduate programs. Courses graded “C or higher” are evaluated on a case by case basis at the discretion of TBC Graduate School.


Recognition of Prior Learning

Consideration for prior learning or life experience is based on the student’s ability to relate that knowledge or experience to academic equivalence in TBC’s graduate studies program. Applications for prior learning or life experience credit are available at TBC’s Graduate School Office.


International Students

Please contact the Admissions office for more details at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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