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Missional Leadership


Program Purpose

The MA (Missional Leadership) is a 48 credit research degree in Practical Theology designed to equip the student with both a theological and practical framework for understanding leadership and ministry in a complex cultural context.  Developing an understanding of leadership, organizational development and strategic planning form the initial foundation of the curriculum.  A critical evaluation of ethical issues in contemporary society along with matters related to spirituality, community and contemporary shifts in leadership models round out a program that equips the student to navigate the demands of a globalized world and the relevant demonstration of the mission of Christ.
The theological emphasis of this program is intended to prepare leaders to live out the relevance of the Christian faith as experienced in a committed faith community.  A ministry-specific research track enables the students to investigate their ministry context critically and propose future options for it. Successful completion of this accredited degree equips a student to progress to doctoral studies at most credible academic institutions.


Program Objectives
Upon completing the MA (ML), the student should be able to:
  • Apply Biblical principles of leadership to contemporary ministry contexts.
  • Evaluate and respond to cultural phenomena in light of Scriptural values.
  • Formulate relevant ministry strategies for the globalized world.
  • Establish a system of ongoing evaluation of ministerial organizations


Program Distinctives

·       Quality education that engages with the context, reflects on theology and rethinks paradigms of leadership.

·      Rigorous courses offered in 4 one-week sessions per year.

·      Convenient, economical and innovative program that accommodates people with a busy schedule.

·      Emphasis on spiritual formation and personal development

·      Highly qualified and experienced faculty

·      Enhanced library services with capability to access theological databases from your home.


Typical Student
MA (Missional Leadership) students showcase leadership abilities and are looking to utilize their skills in ministry.Many are full-time pastors, bi-vocational pastors or non-ordained staff seeking to increase their ministry effectiveness in the church, workplace or other vocations.


Program Structure

The MA (Missional Leadership) is a 48 credit program and you can complete in as little as two years.

There are thirteen courses of three credits each and a thesis of nine credits.

Complete the Program in two Years

*Year One: Complete seven courses over four residential sessions.

*Year Two: Complete five courses over four residential sessions and one course by distance education while beginning work on the thesis. Students who anticipate completing the thesis during the second year can apply to participate in Graduation Ceremonies.

Need more flexibility? Students can utilize an additional six months for the completion of their thesis and a total of 6 years to complete the entire program.  If a student takes longer than 6 years to complete their major, they will need to reapply to the program.

What is a Residential Session?

The Residential Sessions of the MA(ML) at Trinity are four sessions of four days each per year. Typically they will begin on a Monday evening with a shared supper and a forum. The program will run full day Tuesday – Thursday and finish by lunch time on Friday. The dates for the sessions are scheduled at least two years in advance for your long-term planning.

Access to the Internet is required for participation in the program.



August 22nd - 26th 2016
November 14th - 18th 2016
February 27th - March 3rd 2017
April 24th - 28th 2017




Enrollment Director
Email:  admissionsThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 800.523.1603 or 701.349.5415
Trinity Graduate School
50 6th Ave South
Box 510
Ellendale, North Dakota

Global Theology

Program Purpose

The globalization of the Christian faith has resulted in many new voices contributing to theological discussion. Many of the perspectives that these new, global voices share are forged in cultural and social milieus very different to the Western worldview which was, to some extent, the outcome of Christian theology in the first place.

The Master of Arts (Global Theology) is designed to enable a reflective and critical evaluation of the context in which contemporary theological thought is generated. Examining the writings of contemporary global Christian scholars within their own context should throw valuable light on Christian theology. Central to this three-year degree are four continental learning experiences supported by annual on-campus sessions.

Program Distinctives

The MA (GT) program with Trinity has two unique features that set it apart from the many programs nationwide.

  1. The cohort basis of the program specifically designed to accommodate those in full time ministry. This provides the benefit of face-to-face interaction with the professor and with classmates, while making it possible to continue to minister or work full time.
  2. The emphasis placed on direct contact with locations that influenced theological development, such as Europe (Christian Theology and Secular Thought), Latin America (Christian Theology in a Post-Liberation Theology Context), Africa (Christian Theology in a Post-Colonial Context), and Asia (Christian Theology and Religious Pluralism).

Program Structure

The MA (Global Theology) is a 48 credit program and you can complete in as little as two years.

Complete the Program in Up to Three Years

  • Year one: Take four courses in the fall and the first learning experience trip to Europe.
  • Year two: Take the second learning experience trip in the fall and third learning experience trip in the spring.
  • Year three: Take the fourth learning experience trip in the fall and work on thesis and elective class.
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