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LC Classification System

Library Of Congress Classification System - Material in the Graham Library is arranged on the shelves according to the Library of Congress (LC) Classification system. The LC system groups material into broad subject categories which are identified by a letter of the alphabet. These broad categories may be further subdivided by additional letters. The specific subject of the material is defined by the number following the first letter(s).


The B classification includes books about religion. BX is the subdivision for books about denominations and sects. Following the initial combination of one or more letters with a number, you will find a further group composed of a single capital letter followed by one or more digits. This is used to represent the author’s name. In the examples above, A7 stand for the Assemblies of God denomination. N64 is reserved for the North Dakota District of the Assemblies of God. CLICK HERE for the list of the LC Classification Codings.


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Loan Period

Faculty and Administrator Loan Periods Material with a four week loan period will be automatically loaned until the end of the spring semester. All other material has regular loan periods. Courtesy loan notices will be distributed at the end of each semester listing material that is currently checked out. All material must be returned to the library at least once per year, preferably at the end of the spring semester. Once the material is checked and verified in good condition and/or necessary repairs are made, the material may be checked out again.

Citation Formats

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