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DE courses offered for the Spring 2014 semester

*Registration for Spring 2014 now open*

Biblical Study Courses

BIBL 101 Spiritual Formation      |  1 Credit
This orientation course is designed to prepare students for victorious Christian living. Topics include personal reflection and prayer, applying the teaching of the Bible to daily living, and spiritual gifts.
BIBL 151 New Testament History and Literature    |   3 Credits
Students will survey the history and literature of the New Testament. The primary historical and cultural backgrounds as well as the main theological themes of each book will be examined.
HITH 151 Pentecostal Heritage      |    2 Credits
This is a historical survey of Pentecostal phenomena from the first century to the advent of the modern Pentecostal movement. It traces the history of the Assemblies of God, explaining the doctrinal divergences responsible for the rise of various Pentecostal / Charismatic movements.
BIBL 153 Acts     |    2 Credits
Students will examine early stages of the church as portrayed in Acts. Special attention will be given to the role of the Holy Spirit in the growth of the church.
BIBL 330 Jeremiah     |   3 Credits
Students will examine the book of Jeremiah and give attention to authorship and dating issues, the book’s theological themes, and the historical context. Particular attention is paid to Jeremiah’s personal life and the hope for the Lord to form a new covenant with Israel.
Prerequisites: BIBL 150 and BIBL 253
BIBL 332 Corinthians     |   3 Credits
Students will analyze both of the Apostle Paul’s letters to the Corinthians, stressing the historical backgrounds as well as the doctrinal intent of each book. Treatment of matters related to the apostle’s personal life is also given.
Prerequisites: BIBL 151 and BIBL 253

Business Courses

BUSI 158 Personal Finance     |   3 Credits
This course is a survey of the problems and techniques of personal financial planning. Topics covered include consumer credit, insurance, taxes, home ownership, personal investment, managing income, controlling household expenses, and estate planning.

Intercultural Studies Courses

ITCS 357 World Religions       |   3 Credits
An introduction to the major religions of the world. Particular attention is given to the history and basic beliefs of each religion, as well as a Christian response to and interaction with followers of these world religions.

Practical Ministries Courses

PMIN 420 Church Law and Taxes    |   3 Credits
This course provides an in-depth study and application of both traditional and computer-based tax research tools available to the practicing church administrator. Relevant practices and procedural mechanisms affecting taxation and legal matters of church ministry will be included. 
PMIN 351 Ministry to Adults             |   3 Credits
This course is a study of the physical, psychological, and social needs and problems of adulthood and the responsibility of the local church to minister effectively to single adults, married adults, and senior citizens. 

Psychology / Sociology Courses

PSYC 212 Child Growth and Development      |   2 Credits
This course is a study of a child's life from conception to adolescence with emphasis upon the stages of development and upon responsible adult control and relevant phases of nurture.
SOCI 213 Marriage and Family     |   3 Credits
This is a study of the family as a social institution, dealing with its history, its purposes, and its problems, all from a Christian perspective. Special attention is given to issues of courtship, marriage, divorce, and family life, from both a theoretical and a practical standpoint. 
SOCI 210 Introduction to Sociology      |    3 Credits
This course introduces concepts common to the sociological perspective and challenges students to develop a “sociological imagination” or conscious recognition of how individual behaviors are shaped by the various social settings in which all individuals live and move.

Theology / Philosophy Courses

THEO 252 Systematic Theology II       |     3 Credits
Course description coming soon... 
PHIL 254 Ethics    |     2 Credits
Students will examine moral and social conduct and decision making in light of biblical, historical, and theological teaching. 
PHIL 162 Christianity and Culture     |    3 Credits
Addresses the issues and questions which confront believers as they seek to live out their faith in a diverse postmodern world, and in so doing to develop a Christian worldview. Some of the areas to be explored include the Christian’s interaction with natural and behavioral science, literature, work and leisure, music and the arts, politics, and/or other areas as deemed appropriate.

History / English Courses

ENGL 111 English Composition        |     3 Credits
This course teaches writing as a process of thinking, generating ideas, writing drafts, and revising. Students will learn how to write a variety of essays using basic grammatical and organizational skills. 
HIST 224 World Civilizations since 1500        |      3 Credits
A survey of the characteristics and development of major world civilizations, including those of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, from the beginnings of European colonization in the fifteenth century to the collapse of colonialism in the twentieth century