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Warren Schlecht

Associate Professor of English and Science
Serving since 1998

Department: General Education
Phone Number: 701.349.5425   Box Number: 245

Ph.D. candidate, University of South Dakota, Vermillion, SD
Graduate studies, North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND
Graduate studies, Hofstra University, New York, NY
M.A., North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND: 1999
B.A., Jamestown College, Jamestown, ND: 1990

Professional Experience:
Jamestown College

Current Courses Taught:

Biology Honors English II
Physical Science
Writing for Publication
Where are you from originally?
North Dakota
Where have you traveled?
48 countries: Europe, Africa, Asia, Central America, Canada, Japan, China, Russia, Romania, Morocco, Spain, France, Germany, throughout the US and etc.
What are your hobbies?
Reading, teaching students, lifting weights, flying, and scuba diving.
What kind of food do you like?
Greek Yogurt
What is your favorite book, movie, song, or television show?
Too many to list, usually the one I am reading at the time.
Are you involved in any community service?
Ellendale Airport Authority
Ellendale Arts
Shoveling Sidewalks (TBC)
Why did you come to Trinity Bible College to teach?
Home town; best place on the planet! Christian College
Why are you passionate about the subject you teach? What do you hope to achieve in your field?
The necessity to communicate clearly
What kind of research have you done in the past, present, or planning to do in the future?
American Lit (primarily naturalism)
Psychology research back in the 60s
What has been the most memorable moment of your career so far?
Every graduation when I see those that made it!
What advice do you have for incoming and potential students?
Attend class, turn in papers on time, never miss chapel!