Graduate School
Faculty & Staff

Trinity's graduate school is dedicated to training and educating Christian leaders globally with both theological reflection and missional passion.


Dean of the Graduate School

Director of Accelerate,
Governance Mentor,
Assistant Executive Director of Rural Advancement

Director of Graduate Programs

Ph.D. Adjunct Faculty

M.A. Adjunct Faculty, Hindu Studies

Ph.D. Adjunct Faculty


Chair/Professor, Business Administration

Education & Exercise Science

Chair of the Teacher Education and Exercise Science Department,
Associate Professor of Teacher Education

Assistant Professor Exercise Science,
Strength and Conditioning Coach

Assistant Professor of Teacher Education,
Athletic Director,
Head Men's Basketball Coach

Assistant Professor of Teacher Education,
Head Women's Basketball Coach

Assistant Professor of Teacher Education

General Studies

Chair of General Education Department,
Assistant Professor of English

Vice President of Experiential Learning

Vice President of Student Services

Head Men's and Women's Cross Country Coach

Intercultural Studies

Chair of the Intercultural Studies Department,
Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies

Graduate School Faculty & Staff