TBC campus today

The Trinity Story

Lakewood Park Bible School in Devils Lake, North Dakota

Trinity was founded in 1948, when the Holy Spirit brought to reality the vision of Reverend L.E. Englar, a North Dakota pastor. Reverend Englar enlisted the support of Rev. G.L. Riffe and Rev. W.H. Kesler. Together they generated interest within the North Dakota District Council of the Assemblies of God to bring the college into existence.The first classes started at Devils Lake, North Dakota, in Lakewood Park Bible School. The school year officially began on October 18, 1948 with eighteen students. Reverend W.H. Kesler served as Dean from 1948 until retirement in 1969.

Hub City Bible Institute in Aberdeen, South Dakota

By 1960 the Lakewood Park facilities could no longer accommodate the growing student body. The Assemblies of God church in Aberdeen, South Dakota offered the use of their new facility to the Bible school. The school moved from Devils Lake to Aberdeen, and its name was changed to Hub City Bible Institute. God continued to bless the school and enrollment steadily increased to 143 by the 1966-67 school year.This increase spurred the need to again find larger facilities.

Trinity Bible Institute in Jamestown, North Dakota

The former Trinity Hospital building in Jamestown, North Dakota became available and the school moved there in the fall of 1967. It was renamed Trinity Bible Institute, and 183 students enrolled for fall classes.

Trinity Bible College in Ellendale, North Dakota

Growth continued and by 1972, the Jamestown building was overflowing, and again larger facilities were needed. When the University of North Dakota closed their branch in Ellendale, Trinity Bible Institute under the leadership and guidance of President Roy Wead, was able to acquire the campus and all its equipment for $1. The 1972 fall enrollment in Ellendale was 333.

Since then, the campus in Ellendale has made several additions including Leichty Hall, Block Memorial Chapel, Bob Tatum Football Field, Lowell Lundstrom Heartland Student Life Center, and the Fern and John Leichty Fitness Center. The most recent addition is the Prayer Center which features three classrooms, a spacious atrium, a prayer chapel, a kitchen, and connecting corridors. God has shown immense favor and blessing to Trinity.

Today, the college is flourishing under the leadership of Dr. Paul Alexander, its eighth elected president. Through 68 years of educating and training, Trinity has remained committed to raising up the next generation of young men and women who will bring the good news of Jesus to people and communities everywhere.

Past & Current Presidents of the College

Roy H. Wead, 1968-1982 Ronald Hastie, 1982-1983 Lowell Lundstrom, 1983-1990 S. Robert Maddox, Interim 1991 Ray Trask, 1991-1993 Steve Tvedt, Interim 1994 Howard L. Young, 1994-2000 Dennis Niles, 2001-2007 G. L. Jack Strom, 2008-2012 Paul Alexander, 2012-Present