About the Accelerate Program

Accelerate is our innovative 4+1 plus plan to equip leaders for youth, children’s or pastoral ministry. Go into ministry better prepared, more quickly, and with less expense.

This plan layers additional scholarships of up to $13,500 on top of other assistance provided at Trinity. Plus, students save a year of time and tuition by gaining their B.A. and M.A. in 5 years. Best of all, the 5th year is done after job placement while serving in position as a pastor, youth pastor, or children’s pastor!

Trinity’s Accelerate students actually complete their B.A. at $5000 less expense than other students. When they graduate, they are half way done with an M.A. in Missional Leadership or Rural Ministries, which is nearly paid for if they follow the Accelerate plan.

Join a Cohort, Enjoy Great Experiences, and Receive Personal Mentoring

Josiah"I love Accelerate because I have been able to draw closer to God while being heavily equipped for my calling. I have already begun to take my ministry to the next level while in college - thanks to Acccelerate's mentorship focus!"
–Josiah B

Each year’s Accelerate students form a cohort of about twelve developing leaders who participate in the five-year experience together. They go on retreats to create lifelong friendships, inspirational trips to view cutting-edge ministries, and mission trips to put theology into practice. Assessments help them discover God’s design in their lives.

California Missions Trip California Missions Trip California Missions Trip California Missions Trip

Q & A with guest chapel speakers over coffee ignites their passion for ministry. Weekly intentional mentoring hones their spiritual disciplines, strengthens their time and financial management, and refines their leadership skills.

Tailored academic and professional advisement assists them in rising to their potential. Quality internships and long-term job placement in churches that continue the mentoring process position them for a lifetime of ministry.

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