Frequently Asked Questions

What will the mentoring program look like?

Mentoring will be centered on a group of about 12 young people who are committed to each other’s development and entering ministry leadership together. Does that sound like something out of the Gospels? We have some extended times together like a retreat, an inspirational trip to a leading church, and a mission trip. We also have weekly times focused on a topic or activity. We work on discovering our God-given design, leadership principles, time management, spiritual disciplines, money management, and more. We have small group time with chapel speakers and other leaders. The President and his wife will be invited to share with us. We’ll discuss DVD series and books, share a BBQ in a park, and a pre-Christmas dinner. During the summer, your pastor or district leadership will want to invest in your life, too. It will be life-changing!

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How often will I receive mentoring?

During the college year, plan for an average of up to 2 hours per week for the mentoring meetings and preparation.

What will the cohort and mentoring activities cost me?

Your cohort and mentoring activities will cost you your complete participation and the scheduled time. There is no financial cost to you beyond incidentals you might add at your own discretion. The one exception is the “Go Week” mission trip which is something all Trinity students are expected to be involved in. Generous donors want you to have the time of your life as you give your life!

Will I take a heavy credit load in order to get my B.A. and M.A. in 5 years instead of 6?

No, you will be able to complete the course by taking the typical B.A. load averaging 16 credits per semester. The M.A. load will be the normal pace of 12 credits per semester. This is doable!

May I get a minor while in Accelerate?

This is an accelerated approach to education, so you’ll be taking some senior classes during your junior year. The senior year will be filled with primarily M.A. classes. Rather than focusing on a minor, you will be gaining an M.A. in Leadership which should position you well for your future.

An exceptional student may be able to get a minor by taking 18 credits per semester. However, few students are able to consistently carry that load with good results.

May I be involved in sports or a ministry team while participating in Accelerate?

Yes, you may participate in sports and ministry teams as an Accelerate student. Each student is required to be involved in some form of ministry every semester through our Student Ministries program. We call that co-curricular. Sports teams are extra-curricular, because they are totally optional. You should weigh carefully the time involvement of any optional pursuit and be sure it is compatible with the Accelerate objectives of getting you into ministry leadership better prepared, more quickly, and at less expense.

May I work a job if I join the Accelerate program?

Yes, you may work a job if you join the Accelerate program. Helping you graduate with less or no debt is a primary goal of Accelerate. You will want to look carefully at what a typical week will look like before agreeing to a work schedule.

Are majors other than Youth, Children’s and Pastoral acceptable for the Accelerate program?

The focus of Accelerate is getting young students into pastoral leadership with continuous mentoring. At this point, students who plan for a future in youth, children’s, or pastoral ministry are the focus. There are many different expressions of pastoral ministry.

What will the program requirements and sequence of classes look like if I become an Accelerate student?

You will find the requirements and plan for finishing the program in 5 years in the current academic catalog.

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Who will my advisor be?

The director of the Accelerate program will be your advisor from the 1st year through the 5th year. This continuity will help you stay on track and reach your goals.

What does the M.A. in Missional Leadership look like?

The MA (Missional Leadership) is a 48 credit research degree in Practical Theology designed to equip the student with both a theological and practical framework for understanding leadership and ministry in a complex cultural context. Developing an understanding of leadership, organizational development, and strategic planning form the initial foundation of the curriculum. A critical evaluation of ethical issues in contemporary society along with matters related to spirituality, community and contemporary shifts in leadership models round out a program that equips the student to navigate the demands of a globalized world and the relevant demonstration of the mission of Christ.

Whew! That sounds challenging, doesn’t it!? But we’re here to help you be ready for it when you get there. Relax and enjoy your undergraduate years!

Learn more about the M.A. in Missional Leadership.

How long does getting a B.A. and an M.A. usually take?

A B.A. normally takes 4 years (or 8 semesters). The M.A. is a 48 credit-hour degree that is typically completed over 2 years. The Accelerate program compresses the two degrees into five years in a challenging, yet manageable path to ministry preparation. The year you save is yours to invest in the ministry God has put on your heart.

View the class sequence in the current academic catalog.

How will I get my internship site?

The Accelerate Director and Internship Director will work with your home district and other states to find the best mentoring pastors and churches who will give you a good opportunity for an outstanding internship. With the Internship Director’s approval you also may make contacts with pastors whom you respect. We want you to spend your internship in a location that will provide a good platform for exponential growth. So, we’ll be looking for a site that fits your needs best. Past experience has shown that approximately 1 out of 7 interns return to their internship site for future ministry. A well-done internship opens doors!

What mentoring is available when I leave the campus and get into long-term ministry leadership?

If you become a staff member of a church, your lead pastor will be your primary mentor. Your home state district, or the district of your first position, will be committed to help you continue to develop in pastoral leadership. We will be working closely with them to be sure you receive the mentoring that will give you a great start to life-long ministry. The Accelerate leadership will be tracking your progress. You will have established long-term relationships with professors and leaders at Trinity, who will take a personal interest in your ministry development.

How will I get my first long-term ministry position?

This will take a lot of initiative on your part. Yet, the Accelerate Director and Placement Director will work with you and your home district, or desired future state leadership to find a long-term place of ministry. Some state leadership teams will track your progress and present great opportunities for future ministry. It’s a win-win-win situation! You win. The state leadership wins. The kingdom of God wins!