Program Sequence

Accelerate students select the B.A. and M.A. track of their choice:

Bachelor of Arts Master of Arts
Pastoral Ministry Missional Leadership
Youth Ministry Rural Ministries
Children’s Ministry
Accelerate Path

The Accelerate program helps a student complete their education and ministry preparation more quickly. Over the first 3 years, a student takes the required credits of the pastoral, youth, or children’s ministry major at approximately 16 credits per semester. During the senior year, 24 credits are added from Trinity’s M.A. in Missional Leadership or Rural Ministries. 120 credits fulfill the requirements for the B.A., with graduation typically taking place in the senior spring semester. The 4-credit hour internship is taken in the summer between the junior and senior years, normally at a location away from Trinity, such as the student’s home state. Also, a student may potentially become a credentialed minister during the spring of the senior year.

Angie"Listening to experienced pastors and speakers on a weekly basis, I have assurance knowing that my education is not only coming from books, but real life leaders that mentor me and interact with me in real time. That is invaluable to me in my studies, and has changed how I approach my college experience. I now take time to enjoy the fellowship of other students and grow with them in community. I want to give more because I have received more than I could ever return."
–Angie Chavez

In the 5th year, an Accelerate student is placed in a high-quality ministry position through a combined effort of the student, the college, and the home district. The student takes 12 M.A. credits in the fall, returning to campus for two 5-day sessions. The student takes another 12 M.A. credits in the spring, returning to campus twice again. Upon completion of the M.A. requirements, the student graduates with the M.A. in Missional Leadership or Rural Ministries in the spring.

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