All Accelerate scholarships are in addition to other financial assistance given at Trinity.

Amount Year Description
$8,000 1-5 Accelerate Student Scholarships (Total Maximum)
$2,500 5 M.A. Tuition Reduction for Credential Ministers
$3,000 5 Tuition Match from Placement Church
$13,500 Total

Scholarships will be given upon confirmation of successful progress in the program. For example, an Accelerate student must maintain at least a 2.7 GPA, and be formally admitted into the ministerial program in the sophomore year.

To continue in the program, students must maintain at least a 2.7 GPA, and positive involvement in Student Life and Student Ministries requirements. They must also progress in the program consistently meeting milestones, such as formal admittance into the ministerial and Accelerate programs in the sophomore spring semester, and acceptance into the M.A. program.

Zach"Accelerate is an ideal model of discipleship for those who are dedicated to vocational ministry for the Lord. As a husband and father of a young child, I appreciate the opportunity for an accelerated route to save precious time and money. It's an amazing blessing to be a part of Accelerate!"
–Zach Marengo

Breakdown of Accelerate Student Scholarships

Year 1
$1,000 - 1st Semester
$1,000 - 2nd Semester

Year 2
$1,000 - 2nd Semester

Year 4
$1,000 - 1st Semester
$1,000 - 2nd Semester

Year 5
$1,500 - 1st Semester
$1,500 - 2nd Semester

Students who become credentialed ministers will receive 25% off M.A. tuition. This may potentially take place coinciding with B.A. graduation. This may result in an additional savings of $2,500 in the fall and spring of Year 5.

The 5th year scholarships are up to $1,500 per semester, matching what the long-term placement church gives toward their Accelerate student’s/pastor’s education.