It is often helpful to search specific journals for articles. A journal on a specific subject will have articles in many issues that can be helpful for reviewing various aspects and changing trends on a topic. Use the guides below to find articles in journals both online and in print in the library.

Online Journals

Thousands of full-text journals may be accessed through the library databases and through free online journal databases. Find the most recommended journals for a subject in these guides. Each journal listed includes a link to the full-text journal online or in a library database.

General Studies Journals
Religion Journals

Journals and Magazines in the Graham Library

This guide lists the journals and magazines to which we currently subscribe and provide physical access to in the library reference room. Each entry includes links to the journal's website/archive and to the index of the journal in our library databases. For many of the journals, full-text access to articles is only available through our in-library print collection.

To find articles in our current print journals:

Current print journals in the Graham Library
Affirmation & Critique 1996-2013 website archive database
American Bible Society Record 1970-2009 website archive  
American Journal of Health Education 1991-current website   database
Assemblies of God Heritage 1981-2011 website    
Bible and Spade 1972-current website   database
Biblical Archaeology Review 1975-current website   database
Charisma 1975-current website   database
Choral Journal 1993-current website   database
Christ for the Nations (The Voice) 1948-2013 website archive  
Christian Counseling Today 1996-2013 website   database
Christian Librarian current website   database
Christian Scholars Review 1974-current website   database
Christian Standard 1996-current website   database
Church Growth 1983-2013 website archive  
Creation Matters (CRSQ) 2007-current website archive  
Creation Research Society Quarterly 1982-current website archive database
Decision 1964-current website archive  
Enrichment 1996-2012 website archive  
Evangelical Journal 1982-2012 website   database
Group 1990-current website archive  
Herald of His Coming 1996-2014 website archive  
Influence 2015-current website archive  
International Journal of Frontier Missiology 1990-2013 website archive  
Israel, My Glory 2013-current website    
Journal of Classroom Interaction 1993-current website   database
Journal of Education 1983-current website   database (full text)
Journal of Educational Thought 1993-2013 website   database
Leadership Journal 1980-current website archive  
Literacy Research and Instruction 1994-current website archive database (full-text)
Mathematics in School 1993-current website archive database
Ministry Today 1983-current website    
Mission Frontiers 1987-2013 website archive  
New Testament Studies 1969-current website   database
Preaching 1993-current website archive database
School Arts 1993-current website archive database
Social Studies & the Young Learner 1992-current website archive database
Sojourners Magazine 1976-current website   database
Teaching Children Mathematics 1994-current website   database
World 1989-current website archive database
Young Children 1965-2013 website archive database
Youthworkers Journal 1990-current website   database