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The Graham Library has many resources and services available to help online students succeed in their research and coursework.

Library services

Connecting off-campus

To access the library's online resources from off-campus, students must login with their library barcode and password using the "Connect Now" button on the library homepage. For more information, see the guide to connecting off campus. If you have not received or do not remember your library barcode number, contact the DE dept or email the library at ill@trinitybiblecollege.edu

Interlibrary loan and book requests

Online students can request books and articles from both the Graham Library collection and through Interlibrary Loan (ILL). The process is the same for both services. Items may be requested from the library catalog, by emailing request information to ill@trinitybiblecollege.edu, or by completing an ILL form through the library catalog. See the ILL page for more information about requesting books and articles.

Library homepage

The library homepage provides access to all of the Graham Library resources, including print and ebooks, journal articles, library services, research guides, and more. A convenient search box allows students to quickly search the library catalog, journal databases, and online through a special Google Custom Search. Bookmark this page and use it as your first step in searching for resources.

Library resources

Books and ebooks

The Graham Library has both print and ebook collections that may be used by online students. Using the library catalog, search for print books in the Graham Library and in libraries across North Dakota. To request books using the library catalog, see the Interlibrary Loan instructions above. For links to our best ebook collections and free online ebook collections, as well as more information about using the library catalog, see the guide to finding books.

The WorldCat catalog allows students to search for resources in library catalogs around the world. To request books from WorldCat, see the Interlibrary Loan instructions above.

Journals and articles


Graham Library provides access to over 70 online databases. In these resources, find articles from journals, magazines, reference books, newspapers, and more. You can also find video clips, images, ebooks, study helps for tests, and much more. For more information about using these resources, see the guide to finding articles.


The Graham library also subscribes to over 40 journals in print. It is possible to search the contents of these journals by either searching the article archives on the journal websites or searching for articles by keyword in the library databases. Our guide to finding journals lists our print journals and includes links to the journal websites or to the journal in the library databases.

Requesting copies of articles

You can request copies of articles from either the print or online journals by emailing the information for your article to ill@trinitybiblecollege.edu following the instructions above for Interlibrary Loan.

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Online Resources

In addition to the Library resources, there are many online resources available for researching Bible, theology and general studies topics. These guides list some of the best sources online for ebooks, journals articles, dissertations and theses, Bible study tools, and many other types of resources.

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