Master of Arts

World Religions

Trinity’s M.A. World Religions is designed to prepare students to excel in a cross-cultural context, to study the theological foundations world religions. This program is a comprehensive in-depth study of topics relevant to world religions. Developing critical thinking skills will equip students for greater effectiveness.

Program Objectives

Upon completing the M.A. World Religions program, students should be able to:


Program Structure

Course Structure

The M.A. World Religions is a 48-credit online program composed of thirteen courses of three credits each beginning with Research Methods (and Introduction to Graduate Studies if needed), and concluding with a thesis of nine credits.

There will be readings assigned prior to each online session and a research project to be completed for each course. The M.A. (World Religions) program includes Hindu, Islamic, Buddhist, and Secular Humanism studies.

Access to the Internet is required for participation in the program.


Students are allowed up to 12 credits of electives. If a student has transfer credits that do not fit into any of the nine (9) required fundamental areas (Practical Theology, Leadership Development, or Contextual Studies), or if a student is admitted via the Alternative Pathway (PT 501 Introduction to Graduate School), those credits could be part of the 12 elective credits.

Length of Study

The minimum time to complete the full M.A. World Religions is two years. The maximum length of study is six years. If a student takes longer than six years to complete the degree, he or she will need to reapply. A student may request an additional six months after the final residential session to complete the thesis.

The program runs in a two-year cycle. Most courses are only offered once in each two-year cycle. Any courses not taken when initially scheduled will not be offered again until two years later.

Term Dates

August 21 - December 9, 2023
January 8 - April 26, 2024

Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Director of M.A. World Religions

M.A. Adjunct Faculty

M.A. Adjunct Faculty

M.A. Adjunct Faculty


Graduate Characteristics

Following successful completion of this degree program graduates should demonstrate the following characteristics:

Program Distinctives


Program Outcomes

Upon the completion of the Master of Arts World Religions, students should be able to:

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