AG Certificate of Ministerial Training (non-degree)

Trinity Bible College & Graduate School is committed to training and educating people with theological reflection and missional passion, in order that people and communities everywhere will hear the Good News of Jesus and see His love demonstrated.

Toward that end, the Distance Education Department of Trinity offers three non-degree Certificates of Ministerial Training that meet the educational requirements of the three levels of ministerial credentialing in the Assemblies of God (Certified, Licensed, and Ordained).

This program allows participants to take the same accredited classes offered in Trinity’s ministerial degrees at a fraction of the price. Not only does this help individuals move into ministry more quickly with less debt, but it also provides high-quality academic education and training in the process. It also provides an opportunity for students to move seamlessly into a full degree program at Trinity should they so choose.

Course Requirements: This program is only available to individuals who have an active relationship with an AG fellowship and plan to get credentialed in the Assemblies of God. The courses offered in this program meet the educational requirements for credentialing in the Assemblies of God and follow the 3-level AG guidelines. Each level has a set of required classes of varying credit values to complete.

Certificates of Ministerial Training - Assemblies of God Credentialing Courses

Certificate of Ministerial Training – Certified Ministry (10 credits)
Course # Course name Credits Credential
BIBL 151 New Testament History & Literature 3 Certified
HITH 152 AG History and Governance 2 Certified
PMIN 150 Personal Evangelism 1 Certified
PMIN 180 Ministerial Practicum 1 1 Certified
THEO 161 Introduction to Theology 3 Certified
Certificate of Ministerial Training – Licensed Ministry (10 credits)
Course # Course name Credits Credential
BIBL 150 Old Testament History & Literature 3 Licensed
BIBL 253 Hermeneutics 3 Licensed
ITCS 101 Introduction to Missions 2 Licensed
PMIN 280 Ministerial Practicum 2 1 Licensed
PMIN 231 Issues of Biblical Leadership 1 Licensed
Certificate of Ministerial Training – Ordained Ministry (10 credits)
Course # Course name Credits Credential
BIBL 333 Paul and the Corinthians 2 Ordained
PMIN 352 Principles of Preaching 3 Ordained
PMIN 355 Pastoral Theology 3 Ordained
PMIN 420 Church Administration 2 Ordained

Time Frame: Classes are offered during the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Costs: This certificate program is significantly discounted as it does not qualify for Federal Financial Aid. Students wishing to access Federal Financial Aid should consider enrolling in one of our AA or BA degrees.

Tuition & Fees
Audit Per Credit Fee $133.00
Technology Fee $25
Library Fee (Available Online) $50
*No waivers for CMT courses

Tuition Breakdown for 2019-2020

Course Accessibility: Each course is taught by one of Trinity’s professors. Students have regular access to professors through online course interaction, email, phone, and/or online video calls. All courses are run through Trinity’s online course platform (Moodle), where students will have access to course notes, lectures, assignments, and other course materials.

Certificate of Completion: Upon successfully finishing the required classes of each level, students will receive a certificate of completion certifying the courses that have been accomplished. An official Trinity Bible College and Graduate School transcript from the Registrar’s Office is the student’s official record of achievement and completion.

Limitations: All courses offered in the program are accredited, however, the credits earned in this discounted program are taken on a Pass/Fail basis and are usually not transferable to other institutions of higher education. To pass a class students must get at least a C (72.5%).

Earning a Full Degree: Students who have completed this program and want to earn a BA degree with Trinity can apply to transfer the credits they have earned toward one of Trinity’s bachelor degrees. Some restrictions apply. Please contact Trinity for specifics.

How do I apply?

  1. Click below to download the application and other related forms:
  2. Submit the $25 registration fee when you send in your application.
  3. Upon acceptance into the program, you will be notified of your class schedule. All courses are online.
  4. At the beginning of each course, Trinity’s business office will issue an invoice for your (audit) tuition.

For more information, or to see if this program is right for you, contact us at:

Trinity Bible College & Graduate School – Department of Distance Education

50 6th Avenue South, Ellendale, ND 58436 • (701)