Senior Spotlight:Sierra Hampton


Senior Spotlight: Sierra Hampton


Trinity is home. It has become one of the most formative places in my life. It is the place where I have grown deeper in my relationship with God and my love for people. It is where I have found friendships that will last a lifetime and mentors that will speak the truth; I found a family. Trinity is the place where I have laughed, cried, and learned a new way of worshiping God through my studies. It has taught me more than just the textbook answers to life. Some of the lessons I learned have been painful but necessary while others have filled me with excitement and joy. All those things have helped me become more of who I am; the person that God has made me to be. 


Trinity has prepared me to go out into the world to share what I have learned. It has given me the tools to continue to learn and grow. No matter where I go, Trinity will always be a place where I found a home.

Alumni Feature: Ryan & Glenda Maxted


In the Old Testament, we read of the altars, a remembrance, a moment for when one is “passing by.” Trinity Bible College is such a place for us. 

We went about our college days attending classes and chapels, completing student ministry hours, and building lifelong friendships. Then we graduated and transitioned to adulthood ready to conquer the world. Quickly we learned about our lack of experience, the need for Godly wisdom, and that life has lessons to teach. 

Fast forward 23 years later we ”passed by” on a campus tour and realized Trinity Bible College is a place to build an altar. Our time there taught us what we didn’t realize we needed to know. It laid a foundation of support and it was a place where we met God. As we left that day after our tour, we made an altar; a place to pass by and remember.  

Our son now attends Trinity Bible College. What does that mean to us? It is the opportunity for him to create memories, gain an educational foundation, meet God, and one day come back to build an altar so that he can pass by and remember just as we have.

Donor Connection: Merrit & Jill Mendel

We are thankful for Trinity because we are pleased with our daughter’s experience and education, and because we have been touched by the greater Trinity family.

We know that because of God’s work in Blake’s life while at Trinity, she is more in love with God and excited about serving children and families. She is equipped to minister in her church and to reach out to her community. It was a joy to see Blake flourish while on campus, and now we love to see her working in her field of study, growing the kingdom.

We have been impressed every time we are on campus, meeting and learning to know many members of the Trinity family. Over the years we have been able to attend chapel services and visit the campus for other events. Trinity’s faculty and staff are top-notch at hospitality, welcoming and encouraging us.

It has been a blessing to witness God’s work in Blake’s life and in the lives of others on campus. We know Trinity Bible College is impacting eternity.

Trinity's 75th Anniversary

SEPTEMBER 7-10, 2023

You’re invited to join us as we look back at Trinity’s rich history and celebrate what God has done. You’ll have the chance to connect with Trinity family – new and old, and take a peek at our plans for the future. You don’t want to miss this!

Bryan & DeeDee Jacobson


More than a year ago, a large group of Trinity alumni gathered for a reception. The geographical demographics represented by that group was telling. Some had graduated to serve in places around the world, some launched into rural communities, and others were leading ministries in the heart of big cities in America. All encountered Jesus Christ at a Bible College positioned in a most unassuming location where they could grow and go anywhere.

Perhaps you can identify with those featured on the first page of our newsletter. Are you considering continuing your studies? Maybe you are an alumnus that’s not been back to campus for a long time? Or, maybe you’ve contemplated supporting Trinity financially for some time but not made that decision? Either way, we invite you to come home, find your altar, and be a part of impacting eternity. We want more students to have the opportunity to grow here – go anywhere.


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