Senior Spotlight: Michelle Bear


Senior Spotlight: Michelle Bear


During high school, I had many friends from my youth group who attended Trinity. Visiting them let me to visiting again as a potential student. As my senior year of high school progressed, the Lord confirmed my decision to attend Trinity through a vision I had of me standing in the Prayer Chapel on campus. That vision was only a glimpse into the involvement I would have at Trinity in the next four years. 

I am currently a senior at Trinity, finishing my degree in Youth Ministry with a minor in Intercultural Studies. I am also working on Master’s degree in Missional Leadership. 

While attending Trinity, I participated in my first missions trip, which allowed the Lord to reveal His heart for the unreached. That led me to study missions as my minor. I had the opportunity to visit Madrid, Amsterdam, Las Vegas, and have been selected for a team going to Kenya this Spring. 

I have also been a part of many campus ministries which have cultivated my ability to hear from the Lord. Whether visiting various youth groups every Wednesday with the ALIVE team, or participating in different student-led worship and prayer nights such as Respond, Dig Deeper, and Create, my relationship with Jesus has grown ever stronger through this community. 

I have also competed with the Lions Volleyball team and performed as a member in the choir, but the most memorable and beneficial roles I have held at Trinity have been heavily involved with students. I participated in Student Government for one year and am currently in my second year serving as a Resident Assistant. 

These experiences, ministry opportunities, and leadership positions on campus have prepared me well for my future. I have learned to walk with individuals through difficult times, and I have had the opportunity to be poured into by our incredible staff and faculty. My time at Trinity would not have been the same if not for the mentorship and care I received from these individuals. 

I am thankful for this community that has loved me well, given me countless opportunities for hands-on ministry, and equipped me to share Jesus with those I will come into contact with for the rest of my life.

The Cafeteria Renovation


The brand new cafeteria remodel furthers one of Trinity’s hidden but undergirding traditions. It has always been a place of hospitality and connection. Those “cafeteria connections” run deeply to so many different levels. Information for classes, discussions about the latest chapel sermons, and debates over theological conundrums. Personal backgrounds and the stories that shaped us, and still are. Learning to interact personally and professionally. Passing on life’s wisdom and gaining more. Comfort food and comfort in life. All of it happens ’round the round tables, morning, noon, and night.

In essence, the cafeteria is the most basic place on campus where life and ministry are caught rather than taught. It is the most tangible symbol of what makes Trinity a home-away-from-home for students, faculty, and staff. It quite literally nourishes the level of common humanity that we all share. No one is too wise to need to eat, no one too foolish, none too grand, too professional, too underrepresented, too popular, too happy, too hurt, or too broken. It is constant fellowship and consistent communion, 20 meals a week. Breakfast, lunch, and supper, life is lived there and is where true theology comes alive. That’s Trinity, in the new cafeteria!

Liechty Renovation


As a graduate of Trinity and now the women’s Resident Director, it has been such an honor and privilege to see Liechty remodeled. I have fond memories of living here as a student and seeing our students love this place has been a wonderful experience. It might seem superficial to say that sometimes it takes a beautiful space to help someone feel beautiful, but I feel that is the reality of what this remodel has done for our female students. One of my favorite parts about this year was helping new and returning students move back in and seeing them be so excited about how everything looked. Even on or first weekend back to school, girls had their doors open, inviting anyone in to look at their rooms, and it has continued to be that way. 

One of my biggest prayers for the ladies in the dorm was that they would feel open, spiritually and emotionally, to share their struggles and triumphs with the people around them. God works in amazing ways; who knew that a building update would be a catalyst for my prayers to be answered?

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