Spring 2023



Austin Molan

My time at Trinity Bible College has been amazing! The Lord has truly transformed my life since coming here in 2018. During my first year, my spiritual life took a huge jump because I was learning more about God and diving into this community. The Trinity community is the reason people grow so much while attending here. We are a family and we bear each other’s burdens and help each other whenever we need it.

There are many opportunities to start something here. I have been involved in many campus activities such as men’s ministries which include men’s bible study, small groups, and other big events. I also started the chess “club” which has hosted multiple campus-wide tournaments throughout the years. In addition, I was a starter on the basketball team for the four years that I played. If you have a passion for something, you will find others here who have the same passion and join you.

Another great thing about Trinity is all of the connections that are available. The staff and faculty come from many different locations so they can help you find a job or internship nearly anywhere. The summer of my junior year I was able to use connections on campus to help me find an internship in Laramie, WY, and it was the most life-changing experience of my life. It is because of Trinity that I was able to have that opportunity.

Trinity is such a strong spiritual training ground because of the community as well as how isolated it is from everything else (the nearest McDonald’s is 45 minutes away). You can’t do anything but focus on God! Anyone coming here should expect to grow in their spiritual life and develop a strong community they will have forever.

Trinity's 75th Anniversary

SEPTEMBER 7-10, 2023

You’re invited to join us as we look back at Trinity’s rich history and celebrate what God has done. You’ll have the chance to connect with Trinity family – new and old, and take a peek at our plans for the future. You don’t want to miss this!


The Danzl Sisters

Hope came to Trinity in 2018 with plans to join the Pack Your Bags (PYB) program and then transfer to another college to pursue a degree in the medical field. But during her PYB year, discovered the call to missions that God had created her for and decided to continue her education at Trinity. Her journey through Trinity allowed for space to develop that calling and begin her journey into ministry.

Hope frequently encouraged Paige and Jessie to consider joining PYB. As they observed her transformation during their junior year in High School, it became increasingly obvious that the Lord would use PYB to direct each of them into His will for their lives and ministries. They both joined PYB in 2020 and after the incredibly transformative year they both experienced, Jessie and Paige knew there was no other place they would rather be than in this unique community.

Coming from a Christian home where their parents taught the values of pursuing excellence and a good work ethic, each of them naturally took up opportunities to get involved. They each maintained jobs, served in student life as RAs, served on worship teams, and led a variety of student initiatives on campus.

For each of them, Trinity has been the launching pad that God has used to propel them into His unique calling on their lives. Hope and her husband Cobie (also a Trinity graduate) now enjoy serving as youth pastors in Southern Idaho. Hope’s degree in Intercultural Studies has given her tools to communicate her passion for missions to their students and implement mobilization strategies in their church. They desire to one day be long-term missionaries among Unreached People Groups.

Paige graduated in April with an International Entrepreneurship degree and plans to become a missionary, using business as a platform to connect and build relationships with people.

Jessie also graduated in April with a degree in Psychology and a specialization in Anti-Human Trafficking. She plans to use her degree as a missionary to participate in the restoration of hope and dignity to at-risk populations.

The years Hope, Paige, and Jessie spent at Trinity have equipped them with the skills and knowledge to be effective missionaries, strong spiritual lives to sustain them in life and ministry, and a community of friends and mentors that will last a lifetime.

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