Trinity Bible College Alumni Association

Happy Birthday from Trinity!

Happy Birthday

Front Row: Twyla Kuntz, DeeDee Jacobson, Bryan Jacobson, Dr. Carol Alexander, Dr. Paul Alexander, Dr. Scott Townsend
Back Row: Dr. Rick Wadholm, Dr. Michael Bommarito, Ian O’Brien, Bob Wadholm, Justin Gibson, Jordy Nunez, Eric Slivoskey, Dr. Ben McIntosh

We want to send you a birthday card to help you celebrate your birthday in 2019! If you attended Trinity, even if only for one year, we want to let you know we are thinking and praying for you.

If you don’t receive your birthday card during the month of your birthday, it means we have lost contact with you through an address change, database update, or some other reason.

We want to stay in touch with you! If you feel we have missed you, please send us an email at:

Have a great year!

P.S. Help us find “lost Alumni”. Ask a fellow Trinity Alumnus if they received their birthday card. If not, let them know how to get back in contact with us.


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