Invitation to a Renovation

Trinity Bible College and Graduate School has received a pledge of funds to complete a major renovation of Liechty Hall (girls dormitory). The project will include the replacement of showers, commode, vanity, flooring, plumbing, painting, and windows. The project will begin with interior demolition in early May 2021 and is anticipated to continue all summer with a target completion date of August 1, 2021. Most of the renovation is planned to be completed by volunteers.


Click Here to Download Dr. Paul’s Invitation Letter



May 10-28: Preparation | Completed by Volunteer Teams
May 31 – July 16: Restoration | Completed by Volunteers and Contractors


  • RV Hookups (50 A / water / sewer). Capacity exists for additional full hook-up sites.
  • Trinity Apartments: beds, kitchen, AC, refrigerator, stove, oven. Minimal furnishings—we suggest bringing lawn chairs, cookware, etc.
  • Riffe Hall
  • Daniel Schneck Kesler Hall: male groups only. Bedding and linens not provided.

Hospitality / Meals

Groups will need to come prepared to provide for their own meals. The Trinity campus is not in a position this summer to provide for meals as the cafeteria and 701 Cafe will also be in renovation at this time. However, the following kitchen/food preparation areas will be available to your group:

  • Davidson Hall Kitchen / Commons: refrigerator, stove/oven, microwave, dishwasher, dishes, flatware, and seating.
  • Prayer Center Atrium Servery: refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, dishes, flatware, and seating. There is no stove/oven. However, we are looking for a countertop range.
  • Propane grill in the inner courtyard.


Please direct initial inquiries to Bryan Jacobson.



May 10-28
Completed by Volunteer Teams

All of the following require removal:

  • Beds, mattresses, and desks from walls (dressers?)
  • All existing carpet (hallways, dorm rooms, etc.)
  • Bathroom tile and floor covering and prep for underlayment
  • Vanities, showers, toilets
  • Doors and trim
  • Remove sheetrock for plumbing replacement, (valves and pipe)
  • Patch sheetrock and prep for painting (except for bathrooms)
  • Prep drywall wall in the shower after plumbing install



May 31 – July 16
Completed by Volunteers and Contractors

  • Replace plumbing lines (copper and quest) – skilled volunteer
  • Install shower valves – volunteers
  • Repair and relocate shower drains and toilet flanges – skilled volunteer
  • Install bathroom subfloor and underlayment (includes demo and installation by skilled volunteers)
  • Install bath vanity – volunteers
  • Install vanity faucet and drains – volunteers
  • Texture/paint the entire interior of the building – contractor and/or skilled volunteer
  • Install showers and toilets – skilled volunteer
  • Install new light fixtures throughout – contractor
  • Rebuild room thermostats – skilled volunteer
  • Caulking around windows – skilled volunteer
  • Fabricate new A/C and replace air conditioners – skilled volunteer
  • Install new handrails – skilled volunteer
  • Install stair treads – volunteer
  • Replace room and fire doors – skilled volunteer
  • Install new flooring – contractor
  • Install baseboard and millwork – skilled volunteer
  • Exterior painting as needed – volunteer
  • Refurbish landscaping – volunteers
  • Furniture assembly and installation – volunteers
  • Cleaning of rooms after finish cleaning – volunteers
  • Specialty/Plumbing needs:
    • Upgrade domestic water heater boiler – contractor and/or skilled volunteer
    • Replace domestic water heaters holding tank – contractor and/or skilled volunteer
    • Replace hot water expansion tank – contractor and/or skilled volunteer
    • Rock wall on entry points – contractor and/or skilled volunteer


Demolition, carpentry (rough/finish), plumbing, construction clean up, electrical, flooring, construction skills, painting, drywall, handyman, groundskeeping.