Amy Freier

Dean of Undergraduate Studies


  • Ph.D. Candidate, Asia Pacific Theological Seminary
  • M.D.Y. Conflict Management, Conflict Resolution, and Peace Keeping, Norwich University
  • B.A. Biblical Studies and Elementary Education, Trinity Bible College


Beyond being the head of the education department, Amy Freier teaches method and foundational classes within the department to all education students. Her main area of teaching centers on pre-service teachers in the areas of classroom management and instruction development along with courses on students with exceptionalities and method based instruction for math and foundational courses in math, reading, and education. Beyond those core courses, she also oversees practicums and field experience, including student teaching, both at Trinity Bible College and Graduate School and Valley City State University.

Outside of the education/exercise science department, she serves as the faculty liaison for Student Government, the director for drama, and serves on the Faculty, Welfare, and Development Committee.

Amy Freier is passionate about education, having spent time as an elementary/junior high teacher. Which has given her the knowledge of what students, elementary, secondary, and higher education need in order to learn successfully. She loves teaching, as it is more than just an occupation, but a lifetime calling. As she transitioned from an elementary classroom to a college classroom, her excitement and passion never changed, she went from teaching young students the basics of education to teaching pre-service students how to teach. While teaching is important to her, Amy would say it does not compare to the importance of being a wife and mother.

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