Lady Lions 1K Points

TBC Lion All-Americans

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John Kayser, Jay Pennington, Tary Whetham, Dustin Morgan, Donovon Beck  1999-2000  
Miguel Guevara, Robert Antonelli, Matt Waring, Dustin Morgan, Pat Ringaler, Mike Maroney 2000-2001  
Mike Maroney, Matthew Gass, Steven Rose, Robert Antonelli, Patrick Ringaler 2001-2002  
Joshua McGilvery 2004-2005  
Tony Snyder (HM) 2005-2006  
Clay Emerson, Jordy Nunez (HM), Joel Sandoz, Matt Fellers (HM) 2009-2010  
Cole White, Drew Carter, Jose Casanova 2010-2011  
Cole White, Drew Carter 2011-2012  
Jordan Zeitler, Barry Bighorn 2012-2013  
Cole White, Johnny Perry Jr., Tucker Risse, Jason Elliot (HM), Daniel Rodriguez (HM) 2013-2014  
Maureen Reimiller (HM) 2004-2005  
Mark Zweifel 1991-1992  
Mark Zweifel 1992-1993  
Mark Zweifel (All-American and Wheeler Award) 1993-1994  
Bill Jackson 1997-1998  
John Mumm 1998-1999  
Bill Jackson, John Mumm (HM) 1999-2000  
Vaughn Jordan 2007-2008  
Shean Boseworth 2009-2010  
Josh Morris (HM) 2010-2011  
Mikey Rosario 2011-2012  
Mikey Rosario 2012-2013  
AJ Anthony  2013-2014  
Maureen Reimiller 2002-2003  
Maureen Reimiller, Rachael Nowell (HM) 2003-2004  
Rachael Nowell 2004-2005  
Rachael Nowell 2005-2006  
Rachael Nowell 2006-2007  
Mallory Knipe (HM) 2008-2009  
Tatianna Alualu (HM) 2010-2011  
Treva Nutter 2011-2012  
Treva Nutter, Shianne Montgomery (HM) 2012-2013  
Kylie Simonsen  2013-2014  

Men's Basketball Roster

Trinity Bible College Lions

2013-14 Men's Basketball Roster

#        Name Position Height Hometown
1      AJ Anthony Guard 5'9 Memphis, TN
2      Pete Enos Guard 6'1 Rapid City, SD
3      Jon Kimball Guard 6'1 Dayville, OR
5      Ben Bighorn Guard 5'11 Culberson, MT
10    Jaden Shockley Guard 5'7 Lemmon, SD
11    Jake Shockley Guard 5'11 Lemmon, SD
12    Friscoe Erdahl Guard 6'2 Ten Sleep, WY
20    Nick Lentz Forward 6'6 Onida, SD
21    Braden Phillips Forward 6'4 Baker City, OR
24    Landon Little Forward 6'0 Hebron, ND
23    Scott Erdahl Guard 5'10 Ten Sleep, WY
30    Grant Belgarde Forward 6'3 Hatton, ND
33    Nathan Sandoz Center 6'9 St. Paul, NE
41    Joshua Bialik  Center 6'5 Delta, AK

1K Club

Athletic Facilities

Bob Tatum Field
Bob Tatum Field is named after the first football coach of Trinity. Bob Tatum Field opened in September of 2001. The natural surface is irrigated and is one of the nicest football fields around. For home games, the fifty yard line is dominated by a large gold “T.” A lion statue overlooks the south end of the field. This is a special place to be on Saturdays, from kickoff until the final whistle!
Bob Tatum Field
Practice Field
The practice field was also opened in 2001. Its sufficient space and close proximity to campus and Bob Tatum Field makes the field beneficial to the program.
Ray Ulmer Field House
Ray Ulmer Field House was named after a local businessman that donated funds to modernize the Field House in 1997. The Fieldhouse holds coaches offices, a training room, locker rooms, laundry room, and basketball arena. The basketball gym seats approximately 1,200 people. Ray Ulmer Fieldhouse underwent new renovations in 2011-2012 with the help from donors Avera St. Lukes’ Hospital, Clarice and Ruben Liechty, Lana and Warren Schletcht and Priority One Partners. The new renovations were to the restrooms, the addition of two new offices, installation of new floor tile, renovation of both the men’s and women’s locker rooms, and improvement of existing offices. The biggest renovation to the RUF was to the gym floor. The floor received a much-needed facelift, which included an all new finish and color scheme with updates to the logos and floor design. The cost of the revamp to the gym floor was paid for by Avera St. Lukes.
bball court bball court2
Fern and John Liechty Fitness Center
The new fitness center covers 7,400 square feet and houses new state-of-the-art weight room equipment from Hammer Strength. The fitness room equipment was purchased through Life Fitness and includes treadmills, elliptical machines, and stationary bikes. The fitness center will also be the home to the new football locker room. The fitness center’s name is in honor of the principal donor, Jon Liechty, Jamestown, ND, and his late wife, Fern. Sam & Joyce Johnson of PriorityOne, Lakeville, MN, and others have also contributed to the center. The Fern and Jon Liechty Fitness Center now connects three buildings together: the Ray Ulmer Fieldhouse, the Armory and Flemington Hall.
outside pic of fit center
Training Room
The training room, located in Ray Ulmer Field House is a busy place during each season. In the training room, athletes can get their ankles taped or soak in one of our two whirlpools. We do our best to make sure that athletes are taken care of at Trinity Bible College. Care and prevention of athletic injuries is a must in today’s sports world.