Nathan Walstad

Assistant Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies


  • M.A. Theology, Vanguard University of Southern California
  • B.A. Biblical Studies, Psychology & Counseling Minor, Trinity Bible College
  • B.A. General Studies, Trinity Bible College
  • A.A. General Studies, Trinity Bible College


Professor Nathan Walstad joined Trinity Bible College & Graduate School’s faculty in January 2021. He teaches a wide variety of Bible and theology courses, and his academic passions are Old Testament and biblical theology.

Born and raised in North Dakota, Professor Walstad completed his undergraduate studies at Trinity before spending two years as a high school math teacher. He later moved to Orange County, California to complete his master’s degree. During his four years there, he taught at Vanguard University and Free Chapel College, but he is glad to be home in North Dakota once again!

In the classroom, Professor Walstad likes to challenge students with thought-provoking questions, giving space for students to process different perspectives and better articulate what they believe and why. He enjoys the discussions that often result and can regularly be found continuing these conversations in the hallways and cafeteria!

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