Academic Records

Academic Records are documents and information about the academic career of a student. The Academic Records office manages transcripts, transfer of credits, grades, diplomas, registration, graduation, and academic policies.

2021-2022 Trinity Bible College Academic Catalog (PDF)

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Transcript requests are processed through The National Student Clearinghouse. This enables us to send secure official transcripts via email and ensures you receive transcripts quickly.

Request transcripts at:
The National Student Clearinghouse
Follow the instructions on the website to place your order.

Current Students and Recent Graduates:
You can download a free unofficial transcript directly from Empower.

Legacy Transcripts:
Electronic transcripts are not available for legacy transcripts. If you request an electronic transcript but your records pre-date the computerized records, you will receive and email informing you to select one of the other delivery methods.

If this form is being used to correct spelling, it must be accompanied by a copy of a positive form of ID. Acceptable documents are a driver’s license, birth certificate, or a passport.

If this form is being used to change to a different name (first, middle, or last), it must be accompanied by a copy of the legal document authorizing the change. Acceptable documents are: Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, or a court issued Judgment for Name Change.

Download name change request form.

Students taking online classes at Trinity Bible College and Graduate School who are from out of state should attempt to resolve any issues or complaints through the complaint process described in the Student Handbook. However, if the issue cannot be resolved internally, the student may file a complaint with his/her own state. The complaint process for the North Dakota portal agency of the National Council of State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (NC-SARA) is available here.


Academic Records Office
Phone: (701) 349‐5796
Fax: (701) 349‐5786