Plan a Visit

Plan a Visit

We encourage all prospective students to come for a visit! Meet our professors, tour our beautiful campus, visit classes and find out more about the unique features of a Trinity education. Visit on a Preview Day or on College Days to receive a $500 scholarship. Plus, all application fees are waived if you apply during your campus visit. Registration for Campus Preview Days and College Days should be made 24 hours before arrival on campus.

College Days

College Days Fall 2019

College Days take place each semester. This event is for students grades 10 and up and their families or youth groups, youth pastors, and leaders. Student guests stay overnight in the dorms, visit classes, experience chapel, participate in dorm life, tour campus, explore programs, learn about financial aid, connect with students, professors, and coaches. Registered College Days guests who attend the entire event are awarded a $500 scholarship (students can stack up to two $500 visit scholarships). College Days gives you a complete look into life at Trinity Bible College. You don't want to miss this fun, valuable event!

The Fall 2019 College Days is November 14-15, 2019

Register Here for College Days.

Campus Preview Days

Visit Trinity Fall 2019

Preview Days are offered many times throughout the year. These days are available for prospective students to tour campus, eat lunch in the cafeteria, experience chapel and classes, meet with an enrollment counselor to learn more about the admissions process, and receive a $500 scholarship just for visiting. Campus Preview Days normally last from 8:30am-3:00pm.

Register for a Preview Day.

The 2019 - 2020 Campus Preview Days are:

Custom Campus Visit

Visit TBC

You can schedule a custom campus visit if one of our scheduled visit days doesn’t work for you. You can tour campus, meet with an enrollment counselor to learn more about the admissions process, attend chapel and classes, and receive a $250 scholarship just for visiting. A visit can be scheduled for any day, Tuesday – Friday, and normally goes from 9am-3pm.

Please complete the custom campus visit form a week before your desired visit.