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Trinity Bible College & Graduate School offers an MA (Missional Leadership), an MA (Global Theology), and an MA (Rural Ministries). Let me tell you why I am so enthusiastic about these degrees. We have a highly experienced and qualified faculty. It is our belief that contemporary cutting edge education should be presented by people who not only believe what they teach but live it.

The MA (Missional Leadership) is an innovative and inclusive degree that equips people in any sphere of leadership, but more particularly Christian leadership. After serving for seven years in the UK and Europe and being exposed to rampant secularism and the postmodern milieu we have sought to develop a program that will help leaders in these challenging but exciting times.

Within the MA (Global Theology) emphasis is placed on direct contact with locations that influenced theological development, such as Europe (Christian Theology and Secular Thought), Latin America (Christian Theology in a Post-Liberation Theology Context), Africa (Christian Theology in a Post-Colonial Context), and Asia (Christian Theology and Religious Pluralism).

The delivery system is user friendly and ensures that busy people will have the opportunity to fully engage their studies while maintaining the demands of every day life. Please check the information on these pages. We know you will find the program to be stimulating and innovative. The Graduate School team is here to help and serve you in any way we can.

Carol Alexander, PhD
Dean of the Graduate School

Scott Townsend

Thank you for considering Trinity Bible College and Graduate School for your graduate education. Our Master of Arts Missional Leadership program has been active for two years with graduates already successfully completing the program. And now we have added an MA (Global Theology) and an MA (Rural Ministres).

The MA program at Trinity is challenging and rewarding as it prepares you to confront the changes that are taking place in our culture as well as address these changes as a leader in your community.

My function here is to assist you through the registration and orientation process as well as help you succeed as a lifelong learner in our program. My own MA and doctoral work was done in large part at a distance so I can empathize with the needs and challenges that you will face.

I look forward to working with you and helping you to achieve the academic goals you will face here at Trinity Bible College and Graduate School.

Scott Townsend, PhD
Assistant Dean of the Graduate School

2019-2020 Trinity Bible College Academic Catalog

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AGWM Missionary Audit Program

Trinity Bible College and Graduate School is proud to offer one free graduate class to AGWM Missionaries. This class is taken as an audit course which can be later converted to graduate credit for no charge, if the student matriculates into graduate school at Trinity and completes a reflective assignment or other assessment as determined by the graduate school faculty.

Course List
One course can be taken free of charge from the following list:

These courses can either be taken online or on-campus. Students are not responsible to complete assignments or reading but would benefit from either of these if they choose to engage as a typical student would.

Application Process
Potential AGWM Missionary Audit participants must fully apply to graduate school at TBCGS and be accepted, per standard processes. The student does not have to pay an application or registration fee.

Audit/Credit Conversion
Students who decide to matriculate into graduate school must request in writing (via letter, email, or some other standard form of written communication) that their AGWM audit course be converted into credit.

Students must have completed the reflective assessment as assigned by the graduate school faculty before the course can be accepted for credit. The graduate school reserves the right to alter the nature of the assessment at any time but will only do so after having given notice to prospective and current participants.