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Dr. Saehee Duran 2023

Dr. Saehee Duran

Vice President of Enrollment and Marketing

Graduate Degrees

M.A. Chaplaincy

Designed to equip the student with a practical and theological framework for ministry in the contemporary context.

2-3 year program. Offered online.

M.A. Global Theology

Travel to Asia, Europe, Africa, and Eurasia to discover the significant events, people, and places that have shaped contemporary theology.

3 year program. Offered in person.

M.A. Missional Leadership

Prepares leaders for Christian service by developing both theological foundations for and practical applications of the mission of Christ in an increasingly globalized world.

2-3 year program. Offered in person and online.

M.A. Rural Ministries

An applied research degree in practical theology, designed to equip students for dynamic and relevant ministry in the rural church or unique cultural contexts.

2-3 year program. Offered in person.

M.A. World Religions

Equips the learner with the ability to both understand and minister to people of diverse religious backgrounds.

2-3 year program. Offered online.

Ph.D. Practical Theology

Trinity's European-style research PhD in Practical Theology sits at the intersection of Christian ministry and social science methodology.

4-7 year program. Offered online.

Accredited, Affordable Graduate Education

The average cost of a Master's Degree in the United States is $60,000-$100,000, but a Graduate Degree from Trinity will cost a fraction of that!

With significant tuition waivers and scholarships available, your education has never been more affordable. 

Trinity Bible College & Graduate School is accredited by The Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE).

This is Learning for a Lifetime.

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