Graduate School Costs

Estimated Cost for a Full-Time Student
Year One (21 Credits)Tuition: $9,765Fees: $415
Year Two (27 Credits)Tuition: $12,555Fees: $905

This does not reflect tuition waivers awarded to ministers. Details below.


2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR


Cost per Credit$465
Audit per Credit$235


General Fees 
Evaluation for credit for prior learning$300
Application Fee$25
Enrollment Deposit*$250
Library Fee (annual fee)$100
Technology Fee (per credit)$15
Graduation Fee$250
Thesis Reader Fee$150
Processing Fees 
Withdrawal Fee$100
TBC Deferred Payment Fee$75
Continuance of Prior Catalog Fee$50
Rushed Transcript Request$25

*This deposit reserves your place in our enrollment. $200 is applied to your tuition and fees and $50 is non-refundable.

Deadline for registration
Fall Semester: August 1st

Deadline for Financial Registration
Fall Semester: August 15th

Ph.D. Tuition and Fees


TuitionPer Credit$650.00
Tuition per SeminarPer Semester (7 credits)$4,550.00
Annual TuitionPer Year$9,100.00
Total Course Tuition Cost4 years/60 credits (includes 4 extra credits added at final submission)$39,000.00
Recurring Fees
General FeePer Semester$20.00
Online Library FeePer semester$50.00
Technology FeePer Credit$15.00
 Per Semester$105.00
Deferral FeeBeyond 4 years (Interim or After) 
Semesters 1 & 2Per Semester$500.00
Semesters 3 & 4Per Semester$750.00
Semesters 5 & 6Per Semester$1,000.00
Independent Study under extenuating circumstancesPer Semester (maximum 2 semesters allowed)$1,000.00
One-Time Fees
Application Fee$40.00
Enrollment Fee$250.00
Transfer of Credit Fee$150.00
Graduation Fee (Includes examination and defense fees)$850.00
External Examiner Fee$750.00
Moving fee for External Examiner (Dependent on travel costs)TBD
Dissertation Binding$200.00



Trinity offers generous financial assistance and deferred payment plans. Title IV federal aid is not available for Graduate School.

Tuition Waivers
20% Credentialed Minister’s Tuition Waiver
  • Credentialed Ministers

Non-Credentialed Spouse Waiver Match
– If one spouse is credentialed and the other isn’t but wants to join the M.A. program, we will extend the 20% credentialed ministers waiver to both spouses.

5% Early Application Tuition Waiver

– Applications received before July 1 (for Fall) and January 1 (for Spring)


5% Trinity Alumni Waiver

– For students who have previously attended classes at Trinity


50% Tuition Waiver
  • Missionaries
  • AG District Youth Directors
  • AG District Superintendents
  • AG National Leaders

*All waivers are stackable up to (but not exceeding) 50%.


Deferred Payment Plans

We offer a variety of deferred payment plans to help you reach your Graduate School goals. To learn more about payment plan options, please contact the Financial Aid office at (701) 349-5416 or



701 Cafe & Grill$5-$8/meal


1 Bed in Shared Apartment$100/week

On-campus graduate accommodations include one bed in a shared apartment. Graduate students are roomed exclusively with other graduate students of the same gender.Each apartment has 1-2 bedrooms, a living room, bathroom, full kitchen, and high speed Wi-Fi.

Harvest Inn Hotel701.349.2467
Oxenrider Motel701.349.3641
Praire Winds Motel701.349.3771

Ask about a Trinity Bible College discount.

Other hotels are available in Aberdeen, South Dakota (35 miles south).


Global Theology

As part of M.A. Global Theology program, students travel to Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East for Learning Experiences. The cost of the Learning Experiences will be collected prior to the trip. We work diligently to keep the prices as low as possible. Effective fall 2019, the estimated cost including travel, double occupancy accommodation, and meals, is anticipated at approximately $2,650 per Learning Experience . This is in addition to tuition and fees.

Rural Ministries

As part of the M.A. Rural Ministries program, students travel to four rural Saturation Experiences. The cost of the Saturation Experiences will be collected prior to the trip. We work diligently to keep prices as low as possible. The estimated cost including travel, double occupancy accommodation, and meals is anticipated at approximately $500 per Saturation Experience . This is in addition to tuition and fees.