Intercultural Studies 4+1

Intercultural Studies majors have the option of completing their Bachelor's Degree in conjunction with a Master of Arts Global Theology or a Master of Arts Missional Leadership.

In their junior year, students will begin taking some graduate level courses which apply toward their Master's Degree. This means a successful student may complete both a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in just five years!

Intercultural Studies students interested in pursuing their B.A. and M.A. in five years must make an official request in writing submitted to the Intercultural Studies Department by the end of Fall semester of their sophomore year. The Intercultural Studies committee considers all requests and makes recommendations to the Graduate School. During their senior year, a student will complete a separate application to the Graduate School in order to complete the M.A. degree in their fifth year.


Program Requirements

(120 Credits)

Biblical Studies Major (30 Credits)

General Education (36 Credits)

*THEO 251, 252, 361, & 362 do not need to be taken in order
**ITCS 301 may be subsituted with PMIN 405 Church Planning & Leadership
***Many graduate courses are taught on an alternating year schedule. Two courses from the list are taken in the junior or senior year as part of the BA. CS 610, TH690, and the remaining courses count only towards the M.A.

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