Maps Subject Guide


This guide will help you explore locations around the world. Sections include:

  • Links to current U.S. and world maps, including printable maps.
  • Historical maps across many time periods.
  • Environmental maps that show weather and geological events such as earthquakes, volcanoes and hurricanes.
  • Interactive maps that allow you to explore a location and create a map or view data according to your research needs.
  • Tips for finding more information in the library collection.
Find a location on Google Maps

Google Maps provides road maps, satellite maps, and street views. Scroll in to search a location and then click to go to a larger map.

U.S. Maps

National Map

Maps of the U.S. with a wide variety of topographic and environmental information, provided by the U.S. Geological Survey. Includes printable U.S. maps

Census Reference Maps

Reference maps used for census data. View U.S. maps by a variety of political boundaries.

U.S. Park Service maps

View U.S. park maps by state or territory.

World Maps

CIA World Factbook CIA Maps

Current maps of the world countries, including both physical and political maps. Includes printable world maps

University of Texas Map Collection

A wide collection of U.S. and world maps, both historical and current. One of the best online map collections.

NASA Global View Maps

Global maps from NASA’s observation data.

Historical Maps
Large Collections

Library of Congress Maps

Historical maps from the LOC collections, on many topics and maps types.

Maps ETC

Historical U.S. and world maps. In color and in outline form, good for educational projects.

Rumsey Historical Map Collection

18th and 19th century North and South American maps. Excellent digital copies and map viewer.

Special Collections

Eran Laor Holy Land Maps

Collection of maps of the Holy Land held in the collection of the National Library of Israel.

Historic Cities Maps

Historic maps of major world cities. Search by name or by choosing a region on an interactive map.

World Digital Library

Maps from the World Digital Library, particularly including early world maps.

Environment and Weather Maps

NCEI Data Maps

National Centers for Environmental Information provides oceanic, atmospheric, and geophysical data in the form of maps and datasets.

World Weather Information Service

Weather information for locations worldwide, including weather trends and current weather data.


Earthquake ShakeMap

Current map of earthquakes worldwide.

World Seismicity Maps

Maps of world seismic activity from 1900-2013.


National Hurricane Center

Current map of hurricane activity on U.S. coast.


Volcano Hazards Map

Current map of volcano activity worldwide.

Interactive Research Maps

Stanford University: GIS Data

Analyze land areas and create maps showing a wide selection of geographic data for an area.

National Geological Map Database

Search for geographic and environmental data for areas of the United States using this interactive map.

USGS Gap Analysis Program

The USGS interactive maps analyzes areas by land cover and animal species. Data can be used to research conservation needs and create land stewardship plans.

Find More in the Library
Reference Atlases in the Library

The library has a variety of atlases for researching locations. They are located in the atlas stand at the front of the computer lab and also on the shelves in the Reference section. Go to the library catalog records for these atlases.

Bible Atlases

There are a number of excellent Bible atlases in the library reference collection and in the general collection. Go to the library catalog records for these Bible atlases.