Doctor of Philosophy

Practical Theology

Trinity’s Ph.D. Practical Theology is a European-style Ph.D. degree well suited for those who wish to deeply investigate an aspect of practical theology.

Program Purpose

Over the past forty years Practical Theology or applied theology has taken its rightful place in the academy.

For both practitioners and academics, the discovery of God’s work in the church and the world through rigorous and critical reading and learning is what practical theology affords. Practical theologians now make a huge contribution to every field of learning from missiology to church history and from Christian leadership to church ministry.

A European-style Ph.D. degree is typically a research program supported by careful supervision and peer interaction. It is thus well suited for those who wish to deeply investigate an aspect of practical theology.

With over seventy years of playing a leading role in the preparation of men and women for Christian ministry, Trinity Bible College and Graduate School is particularly well placed to offer the Ph.D. in Practical Theology.

Trinity’s Ph.D. Practical Theology is a research degree affording candidates a range of subject options over a wide spectrum of fields of study. The final degree is conferred upon the submission and successful defense of an 80,000-word dissertation, excluding footnotes and bibliography (with 10% variance allowed below or above the word count). Seminars are weighted at seven credits each with a dissertation submission weighted at four credits toward the end of the program.


Program Structure

The Ph.D. Practical Theology is a 60-credit program that can be completed in as few as four years.

Access to the internet is required for the program.

Seminar Descriptions

The coursework consists of eight live video conferencing Doctoral Seminars, each designed in sequence to guide the student through the process of developing their 80,000 word scholarly dissertation, which culminates in an oral defense of the project.

Seminar Dates

Oct 10-11, 2023
May 7-8, 2024
Oct 15-16, 2024 

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