Dr. Johan Hendrik Mostert

Graduate School Faculty


  • D.Phil., Psychology, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa
  • MA, Psychology, University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa
  • BA, Hons, Stellenbosch University, Cape Town, South Africa
  • BA, SW, University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa
  • BS, Pre-Seminary, Bethany University, Santa Cruz, CA
  • Senior Management Programme, University of Pretoria Business School, Pretoria, South Africa
  • Marriage Guidance and Counseling Certificate, Univeristy of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa

Writings and Publications

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Johan Mostert started his career in pastoral ministry in 1972 with the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) in South Africa and served churches in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. Over the next 23 years his ministry grew as he progressively took over management responsibilities for the AFM’s community social work services, geriatric services and adoption services for the Church. From 1989 to 2000 he served as national Director of the AFM Welfare Department with its several hundred employees, ten homes for the aged, children’s homes and 310 local church voluntary welfare organizations.

He has five earned degrees in the social sciences and two post-graduate diplomas. His terminal degree is a D.Phil. in psychology from the University of Pretoria. Until his emigration from South Africa in 2004 he was a certified Counseling Psychologist, a licensed social worker and an ordained minister.

He is currently Professor Emeritus of Community Psychology at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (AGTS) where he has taught for the past 12 years. His areas of specialization are discipleship and social justice courses and he will remain the track coordinator of the Relief and Development track for the Ph.D. (Intercultural Studies). Andrea, his high school sweetheart and best friend of 44 years passed away suddenly in August, 2014. Together they have three married children and nine grandchildren.

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